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The Legal Status of Illegitimate Children: The Rights of Children born outside of a Hindu Marriage

  Author: Akshay Pathak National Law Institute University (NLIU) The legitimacy of Hindu child after the enactment of The Hindu Marriage act,1955, is completely depends upon the validity of marriage according to the provision enshrined under the Act. Prior to the enactment of The Hindu Marriage Act,1955, there was no restriction as to the second marriage of Hindu residing in India but as the Hindu Marriage Act came into the existence in 1956, it makes the Bigamy illegal for a Hindu according to the section 17. LEGITIMATE AND ILLEGITIMATE CHILD: - Under the Hindu law, if a marriage fulfilled the conditions laid down in section 5 and section 7 of the Hindu Marriage act,1955, it is considered as a valid marriage and a child borne out of it would be legitimate child. The legitimacy of child may come in question in following cases: - 1. Either he is borne out of void Hindu marriage  2. Or voidable Hindu marriage 3. Borne out of extramarital or premarital affair The legitimacy of chil

The Journey of Indian media from a ‘Watch dog’ to a ‘Pet dog’

Author: Arryan Mohanty Introduction The government, the opposition, the courts, and the media make up democracy. India is the largest democracy in the world, and the media has always been crucial in shaping the nation's progress. The media's contribution is to increase public awareness of various bits of information and knowledge. People think that the media is the sole reliable source of knowledge and communication about events that happen and don't happen throughout the world. By creating clarity between the government and the people, the media builds an abstract connection between them. The media serves as the "voice of the people. When a political party is corrupt, avoid being biased towards them. Media has the power to alter how society thinks, yet the struggle for TRP (Television Rating Point) is eroding transparency and confidence in consistently receiving true news. News could once only be obtained from a few sources, such as radio, Doordarshan, etc. Even if th

India seeks to oust Chinese Firms from Sub-$150 Phone Market

  Author: Daison David Mumbai University Rising disposable income, cheaper internet, and the need to always stay connected are some of the factors that have led the Indian smartphone market to grow into one of the largest smartphone markets in the world. Indian Smartphone market size was valued at US$ 139 billion in 2021 and expected to grow with a CAGR of 10.5% and reach US$ 281 billion by 2028 . The "Make in India" initiative's goal of boosting domestic industry and indigenous businesses is another persuasive justification. The Make in China movement, which has gathered strength over the past several decades, is the main adversary of the Make in India initiative. When it comes to outsourcing, manufacturing, and services, China is the main competitor. India struggles to become a premier manufacturing centre due to its inadequate infrastructure and outdated logistics infrastructure. On 8th August 2022, it was reported that India seeks to restrict Chinese smartphone makers

White Coat Crimes – The Transplantation of Human Organs Act (THOA), 1994

Author: Shereen Rodrigues  1. INTRODUCTION However, because there are more patients in need of transplants than there are donors, laws must be in place to prevent illicit conduct involving the sale of organ transplantation. Illegal Trading in human organs has taken on draconian proportions. The criminal market in human organs has surpassed the number of charitable donors. Organ and tissue transplantation has changed over the past 30 years from an experimental operation conducted only in highly developed countries to a therapeutic intervention performed in hospitals and clinics around the world thanks to advancements in medicine and surgery. Due to a lack of available organs, a robust global organ market has emerged, with kidneys being the most traded item. India is a rich ground for this trade because of a combination of poverty, substantial inequality, and pervasive corruption.   The country's expanding middle class, lack of a universal health insurance program, widening wealth

Not Dennis but Digital Lending is the real Menace

Author: Rini Mishra Narwdeshwar Law College Introduction   India's emergence in the digital ecosystem has been spectacular. India's is well on the path of digital revolution. The transition to a digital economy lies in moving beyond fragmented digital solutions to digital infrastructures that will spur digitalisation across economies and societies. While Artificial intelligence, Quantum Computing, Cloud Computing and Blockchain are making a mark. One of the new emerging digital infrastructure is that of digital lending applications which can be added to the buzzwords. What is digital lending? Digital lending is the process of lending credit to individuals through web platforms or mobile apps, utilizing technology for authentication and credit evaluation. Over the years the digital lending market has evolved and expanded continuously and significantly. More than 190 million Indian adults don't have any bank accounts. Digital lending enables potential borrowers to apply for l

Marital Rape in India: A Nightmare Amidst in Wedlock Roses

  Author: Pritam Ghosh Calcutta University INTRODUCTION India will be celebrating it’s 75th Independence Day on 15th of August 2022, yet till now India is backed with various social issues which are very less talked about. One of the most serious issue, which has no recognition of law till now, is marital rape. Many women although born in this independent land of India, has no rights to say ‘NO’ to her husband for sexual intercourse after her marriage. Many men just consider women as property of them, and just to satisfy their lust at nights. What is more disappointing, Indian law does not recognize it as crime. There is no provision under any law, which covers this serious issue. What is marital rape, and how it is different from other rape? In simple words, when a husband forces his wife for having sexual intercourse against her will and against her consent, it is termed as Marital rape. India from past, have identified  itself to be a patriarchal society, and so the concept of mergi

Black Magic Crimes: The available legal remedies to tackle this Sinister

Author: Yash Bisht IMS Unison University, Dehradun INTRODUCTION India has undergone rampant elevation in Science and technology, resulting in enlightenment in the lifestyles of people. But as stated by Masasgi Kishimoto, “In this world, where there is light, there are also shadows”. Even though the recent years has seen the light of science and modernization; on the contrary, shadows have also emerged. Hiding within these shadows, and creeping around for all this time, evil practices like Black Magic has stamped its authority in this so called modernising society. There are countless instances where in the name of healing a sick person, he is beaten up and thrashed for days, spells and other spooky practices are tried over such people. No one can ever forget the freakish Burari deaths of Delhi, an incident that still gives goose bumps.   While gazing for a solution to counter black magic, people frequently opt for another superstitious practice, resulting into a never ending loop of fo