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Registration of LLP and Laws

  Name – Shweta Pandit College - National Law School Of India University, Bangalore. Introduction- LLP(Limited Liability Partnership) is a limited liability company, you will find the characteristics of both a corporation and a partnership in this form of a company. LLP came into effect in 2008 when the Limited Liability Partnership Act was passed in India..  LLP- Limited Liability Partnership, is a partnership where partners have limited liability and are responsible only for the loss/damage created by themselves and not by any of their partner or partners. Partners in LLP have a fair share of say in the workings of the business.  Registration of LLP- It is a long process to register a LLP, the few steps involved in the process are discussed as follows: First step is to get the DSC, which is a Digital Signature Certificate from the government agencies such as E-Mudra, NSDL, IDRBT Certifying Authority, National Informatics Center, CDAC and each agency has its own costs of providing ser

Gender Equality in the LGBTQ Community

  Author: Anupama Mathew, Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur  The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer (LGBTQ) community still faces pervasive stigma, exclusion, and discrimination throughout the world. Many LGBTQ people experience targeted physical attacks and extreme violence, including being beaten, sexually assaulted, tortured, and killed. Many nations have discriminatory laws that criminalise consenting same-sex relationships and trans individuals, subjecting LGBT people to imprisonment, blackmail, extortion, shame etc. In most countries, trans persons have no access to legal acknowledgment of their gender identification or suffer oppressive procedures to seek such recognition. Intersex children and adults may be compelled or pressured to undertake medically unnecessary procedures, in violation of their human rights. Homophobic, biphobic and transphobic attitudes remain deeply embedded in many cultures around the world. Just decriminalising consensual sexual relations between persons

Domestic Violence on Males in India

 Author:Aswati Sharma, D Y Patil, Deemed to be University INTRODUCTION When we talk about domestic violence all we think about is females and children being victims of it due to men in the house as the general perception of a normal Indian citizen believes that the male of the house is stronger and tougher whereas on the other hand women are considered to be soft, expressive and loving. The males of the house in India usually hold a dominant position and if they try expressing their emotions or try voicing up against the wrongs which they’re facing they are labelled as women or sexiest or men who can’t see women rising. In numerous films, we see a male being exploited by a female is considered to be a funny scene whereas if a man does the same with a woman that act is considered to be a point of discussion and social problem, which is constitutionally illegal.   Spousal abuse is not something that is faced by only females but it’s gender-neutral instead. Sometimes woman also establishe