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Indian Depository Receipts: Requisites and Benefits

  Yash Miniyar Maharashtra National Law University, Aurangabad A. INTRODUCTION Depository Receipts are a form of transferable instruments, which aid in the flow of general trade in a stock exchange at a given time. They are classified as financial securities in the form of equity that are issued by listed companies. The depository receipt is a form of certificate which denotes the valid holding of the security or shares of a given company. One of the most recognised and busiest forms of depository receipts in the world is the American Depository Receipts, which allows in trading of shares or securities of foreign companies. These receipts act as a form of investment for potential investors in order to diversify their assets and hold shares of their desired companies. This not only allows the economic diversification but also the geographic diversification. These depositories act as mediums to curb the hindrances or the obstacles which prevented people from making foreign investments,

Urgency of Reforms in Indian Sports Law: A Road to Become World Champion

  AUTHOR’S NAME - SONAKSHI BISHT IMS UNISON UNIVERSITY, DEHRADUN INTRODUCTION An earshot to the term Sports instinctively stimulate dopamine in human body. Over the years, India has loomed as a Sports hub and every so often hosted for national and international games. Sports like Cricket are worshipped like god and diverse sports are followed by the Indian Sportsmen. Sports is enumerated as a State subject matter under Schedule 7 of the Indian Constitution.  In India, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is accredited for the promotion of sports and ensures triumphing at several sporting events in both national and international level. Moreover, sports is governed by National Sports Policy, Sports Law and Welfare Association of India, Sports Authority of India, still there is dearth of sports legislation in India. When laws are to be applied in any sports matter Labour law, Law of Torts, Contract law, Competition law, Intellectual Property Rights law are taken into consideration. W